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Boarded submarine

We are cut from defective printed circuit boards, so called PCBs.

author: Jana Chaklosh
material: PCB, pin with safety lock
size: lenght 6 cm
color: green+silver, various pattern of PCB
origin: printed circuit boards
various pattern of PCB
in store
price: 300,- CZK incl. VAT

These are used in all electrical appliances for mechanical fixing and electrical connection of electronic components. Thanks to our new function, we have a chance to live a life that would otherwise end right after our birth. Basic material for production of PCB is copper–laminated plastic. The green colour of a board is caused by an isolation layer, which leaves only soldering spots uncovered. For better orientation during a control or repair, a service print is printed on the mask. This print, which together with soldering spots indicates the electronic wood-worm´s pathways, creates unmistakable decor of the 21st century and fits to the dress, shoes or bag of any lover of new technologies. Bored? Get on board!

Boarded submarine
PRICE incl. VAT: 300,- CZK
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