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Mr. Pickpocket - notepad

I am made with respect to environment, a pocket on my top is made from a foil, which used to be hidden inside a computer keyboard.

author: Jana Chaklosh
material: recycled paper, foil
size: size B6
color: green
origin: computer keyboard foil
each notepad is original, pen is not included
in store
price: 250,- CZK incl. VAT

The foil is printed with conductive pastes, which create conductive layers on its top and catch your attention by its original decor. The foil used to transfer information from your fingers to computer´s memory. Now it will guard your notes and ideas. Underneath it, there is recycled paper and a comic strip inspired by recycling. I am ideal for writing, making sketches and drawing, so let’s start...

Mr. Pickpocket - notepad
Mr-. Pickpocket - notepadcomputer keyboard foil
PRICE incl. VAT: 250,- CZK
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