Who is Trash Made?

Our team consists of a group of artists, designers, producers and a team providing organization of the collection of discarded electrical appliances. Together we give new life to parts of old appliances and aim to create products which, even though made from recycled materials, are safe and keep a high quality and craft standard.


REMA System-author of the project

A collective system providing organization of collection, sorting and recycling of waste-electrical and electronic appliances in the whole Czech Republic since 2005. The main aim of REMA System is environmental protection – effective recycling of waste-electrical and electronic appliances.

Designers and artists

Each product is a piece of his author’s ideas. In case of Trash Made these ideas mainly come from…

MgA. Anna Kozova

Anna Kozova, born Hanzalova, 1982 in Prague. After finishing high school she entered AAAD at Prague, where she studied at the Department of design. During her studies she joined two internships - first at ERBAN at France, the second at AAAD at Department of architecture. Together with Jerry Koza she has been awarded -by visitors of Designblok 06- the prize for the best presentation. For her master thesis – redesign of surgery tools for the company Beznoska, she has been awarded The Discovery of the Year by CZECH GRAND DESIGN. Now one year later she together with Jerry Koza has been nominated for a CZECH GRAND DESIGN award in the category The Designer of the Year, for the collection of toys. One of these toys - Torpedo, has been awarded as The Best Prototype of Designblok 08.

MgA. Linda Ciharova

Linda Čihařová, born 1982 in Prague, studied College and High art school of Vaclav Hollar and afterwards AAAD in Prague – Department of Intermedia Art. During her studies she joined a few internships (Academy Beeldene Kunste Maastricht, Film and TV School of Academy of Performing Arts in Prague and University of New Mexico, Albuquerque). Since the year 2001 she has been involved in dozens of exhibitions. She has also become a resident of Trafacka Gallery in Prague. Her work is focused on landscape, environment and the human role in these. Linda's motto is “I would like to understand and act in symbiosis with the surrounding environment and broaden the current definition of its life".

MgA. Jana Chaklosh

Jana Chaklosh, born Krovova, 1981 in Rakovnik. After studies of High school of Fashion and textile design she passed Department of Intermedia Art at AAAD Prague. During her studies she joined several internships (University of Lisbon, Portugal, Visual arts at Academy Beeldene Kunste Maastricht and experimental film at Film and TV School of Academy of Performing Arts in Prague). In her work, she focuses mainly on social problematic and human communication forms. During the last year she has focused mainly on Trash Made project, in which she applies her experience with material use and brings her specific conceptual humor into it.

Sheltered workshops

Employees and clients of sheltered workshop participate in the production of chosen products. Cooperation is based on specialization of these workshops and work abilities of their clients given by the type of health (physical or mental) disability.

Modry Klic

Modry Klic School is a non-profit non government organization providing social services to children and adults with mental and combined disability. This organization has been founded as an initiative of parents of children with complicated forms of mental and combined disability and currently provides complex care to over 110 clients. Work at the Sheltered workshop of Modry klic helps to extend the working possibilities of its clients – people with mental disability.